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Fortune2Go Mobile

Fortune2GO Mobile Games

Fortune2Go mobile games provides top performer games and the software you were looking for to create an online gaming solution at a low price and an investment that’s a no brainer.
General configuration is composed by a POS (Point of Sale) for cashless operation and a Remote Game Server for outcome generation and game/financial reports

Skill game technology has changed over the years and now is possible that you can get world class slot gaming software with no hassle and at a manageable budget.

What Fortune2Go Mobile Games can offer

  • Top performer games made by proven real brick-and-mortar casino slot game studio.
  • Games with a great math system. Games for gamblers is our target.
  • Full on-line management: configuration, real time reporting, live game deployment.
  • Download game software to Iphone, Android, Internet Browser, and in house Terminals..
  • Jackpot and Promotions for your community.
  • No need of local server deployment: great for remote or small locations where server deployment/maintenance is an issue.

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