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Customers are the top priority

Barracuda stands strong by its customer satisfaction policy. Our customer is our priority and we work diligently to drive the profitability at your facility. Providing you with the newest innovations in marketing campaigns, along with updates on this ever-changing business environment. Fresh games and current jurisdiction requirements keep your business in the forefront of the industry. Barracuda’s Consulting Agents, service experts, and installation teams stands behind our game systems 100%. “Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible”

Industry Experience

With decades of experience in this industry we are the leading nationwide distributor of internet and server based gaming software, game boards, and technical equipment. Along with our professional installations and  tech support we serve the great states of Ohio, Texas, Florida, North Carolina & all licensed states and counties. With our proven experience, connections, and our gaming software/hardware selection we continue to provide unmatched results for our clients. This is because of our many decades of industry experience and client production over all the many laws and complications the gaming industry may bring. 

Looking for Golden Dragon, The Real SunFire Sweepstakes, Sweeps V1&V2, or Banilla game boards? Barracuda gaming gets it done and installed professionally.

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Barracuda's Solutions

Game Boards

Need the hottest game boards in your legal jurisdiction? Barracuda has it covered. We have generations of trending gaming data with great connections to go with it. If your players want it we can serve it to them. Pure Skill Pong, Banilla, IGS, and much more.

Skill & Sweepstakes Software

Need the hottest and most successful software? Check out our game lineup. Internet skill based game systems and server based sweepstakes software. Golden Dragon, Sunfire, Sweeps V1 & V2, AMS, and so much more.

Custom Cabinets

Barracuda builds custom cabinets to fit your exact needs. Bill accepters, printers, mother goose systems, and player card systems. Vertical monitors, with or with out touch screen play with down to earth reporting and record keeping.

Service Solutions

Barracuda Gaming provides beginning to end professional installations as well as day to day support of all our equipment and Software. Cableing, networking, POS setup, and remote suport. Our team keeps your equipment running with staff able to assist customers the way they want.

Top Selling Software & Game Boards

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