Skill Games

Skill Games

Skill & Sweepstakes Software

Internet & Server based

Each software system comes with and uses a POS, POS printer, and a Community Jackpot. Diverse styles of  game setup. Some companies us an in house Server or off site cloud server. Some you can play at home and some you cannot. In the list all the games with a home icon. All software must get location approval and must follow local rules, laws and regulations.

Play your favorite Slots, Sweepstakes, and Skill games

If you don’t see the Skill, Sweepstakes, or Texas Charity game your looking for call or send a message. Barracuda has the connections and relationships to distribute anything that is actually worth the time and investment of your successful business. Very much of the people and the service in this industry is down right rude and dishonest so be careful.

With all the Mobile games play at home feature, graphics, and math system it’s hard to beat. Contact Barracuda today on your Geo availability.