Sunfire - Frontier - Gateway

Frontier is now Sunfire. Authentic Software.


The Real Frontier Sweepstakes Software

Frontier is the original leader in the internet cafes, slot parlors and the sweepstakes software industry now only known as Sunfire. At one point this conglomerate of companies stood far above the slot game software competition. Proved to also be very hard to deal with in the industry. All the players out there still love the ole classic pioneer of sweepstakes. Barracuda has a strong relationship with the owner of the licensed software Sunfire & Wildfire. Do not ever get caught with the fake Classic, Phantom, Vintage, Stryker, Ghost, or Horizon sweepstakes software. If any organization chooses to use any bootleg software it can be seized at any moment and they can be prosecuted.

Sunfire - Wildfire Sweepstakes Game Terminal

Sunfire Sweepstakes Reel Screenshots

Old Gateway Screenshots