Fire Storm

Fire Storm

Fire Storm - Fireball

Fire Storm is easy to use and the most played vertical sweepstakes game in the industry. This cloud based software is a sister to Golden Dragon. We’re confident that the new Fire Storm vertical series will fit nicely beside your existing Golden Dragon system. Call Barracuda Gaming for geographical availability because locations are filling up fast. Fire Storm is only available from Barracuda Gaming,  843-471-1250

Vertical games with Skill, Sweepstakes, and Texas Charity 

Fire Storm vertical sweepstakes and skill game software is a great addition to all internet cafes, adult arcades, and bars in those states where your legal. 

  • Multiple game selection
  • Easy Online POS Login
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Cashier and Back Office.
  • Community Jackpot
  • Skill or Sweepstakes
  • Proven Math Holds
  • Anytime Support
  • Keno and Fish Games

Fire Storm Vertical Software Promotion