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Barracuda Fish Table Games


Barracuda is one of the leading fish table game distributors. Offering platforms for 2, 4, 6,  8, & 10 player tables or uprights. We offer a variety of all the latest titles as well as our custom Barracuda Fish Game title. Some features of our fish games:

• Completely customizable

• Adjustable hold – Easy or Hard

• Players can choose between 1 – 5000 points per shot. Or house configuration.

• Point’s value can be determined by location and redeemed for anything location wants (Prizes, Gift Cards, Cash, or other Merchandise)

Any of our games can be configured as follows:

• Each Player Station: configured with a Bill Acceptor and Printer. Player is finished playing they redeem points and ticket is printed. Player can redeem points from cashier or redemption area.

• Each Player Station: configured with Bill Acceptor at each Player Station & One (1) Remote Printer mounted by Cashier or redemption area.

• POS System. Player buys points from Cashier. Cashier Prints ticket and credits terminal. Player can then play terminal. Player redeems points by pressing button at his terminal. A redeem ticket is printed on remote printer located by Cashier or redemption area. POS system allows online remote access for key management.