Triangle Skill Games

Triangle Skill Games

Triangle Skill Games

Triangle skill games provides top performer games and the software you were looking for to create a complete gaming solution at a low price and an investment that’s a no brainer.
General configuration is composed by a POS (Point of Sale) for cashless operation and a Remote Game Server for outcome generation and game/financial reports

Skill game technology has changed over the years and now is possible that you can get world class slot gaming software with no hassle and at a manageable budget.

What Triangle Skill can offer

  • Top performer games made by proven real brick-and-mortar casino slot game studio.
  • Games with the right volatilty. Games for gamblers is our target.
  • Full on-line management: configuration, real time reporting, live game deployment.
  • Touch screen based games: no extra devices, cheap and easy management.
  • Target machine is very configurable: no need to stick to expensive terminals nor long life expensier devices. Mid range all-in-one PC are enough for a great player experience.
  • No need of local server deployment: great for remote or small locations were server deployment/maintenance is an issue.

Broad range of skill game system configurations

Depending on your needs or jurisdictional requirements games can be configured as:

  • Class III: outcomes determined by a RNG.
  • VLT style: outcomes come from a finite pool. Ideal for lottery enabled jurisdictions.
  • Skill game mode: player action will determine final winnings, the right solution for skill arcade locations, internet cafes, and gaming halls.

Skill based games

  • Novel approach, giving skill component to slot machine games.
  • The user must select the right reel option before the timer expires.
  • Minimal intrusion and real casino math behavior.
  • Configurable levels of difficulty according to player audience.
  • All plays are potential winners.

Land base and online gaming solution

The same products can be used in both scenarios by increasing your customer base. You can set up physical operation of games and customers can still enjoy and play the games from their home with the same player account.